Mexican Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic Chicken

Imagine juicy chicken pieces lightly coated in a sticky sauce infused with honey, garlic and sun-dried tomato, finished with a squeeze of fresh lime juice...need I say more? Make this and treat yourself to some fresh Mexican flavours tonight- especially when served with some soft tortillas, fresh salsa and spicy rice!  Pair it with a refreshing … Continue reading Mexican Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic Chicken


The Ultimate Lemon Chicken

What to do when life gives you lemons- especially huge juicy, zesty ones? My ultimate lemony, garlicky and herb-y chicken recipe, of course! Fresh citrus notes permeates the whole dish as fresh lemon zest is used both in the luscious sauce and marinade. Moist chicken thigh cutlets are marinaded in a mixture of French wholegrain mustard, … Continue reading The Ultimate Lemon Chicken

Perk-up Smoked Chicken with a Miso-Alfredo Sauce!

Sure, smoked chicken tastes perfectly fine on it's own but it's just a bit plain and not very exciting at all... It's time for my mighty Miso-Alfredo Sauce to the rescue! The strong flavour of the smoked chicken can really stand up to the creamy sauce flavoured with salty-sweet white miso paste and nutty Parmesan … Continue reading Perk-up Smoked Chicken with a Miso-Alfredo Sauce!

Surf & Turf stuffed Buttercup

Combining the Asian method of steaming in a bamboo basket with a stuffing infused with North African spices, a new dish is born! A whole buttercup is stuffed with the combination of chicken and prawn mince, along with sautéed shallots and porcini mushrooms in an exotic mix of  ras el hanoult spices and a splash of Sauvignon … Continue reading Surf & Turf stuffed Buttercup

My Brother’s Favourite Stuffed Chicken Breasts

When my brother asked me "When will you make that stuffed chicken dish again?", I knew that I had created a winning recipe! After work one evening, I set out to decide what to make for dinner having found two chicken breasts in the refrigerator. Wanting to inject lots of flavour and moisture into the … Continue reading My Brother’s Favourite Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Fiery Roast Chicken

The fusion of Korean and Japanese flavours with a fresh zing of lemon and the hum of sweet honey takes ordinary roast chicken to the next level! I love how the the fiery red glow of the skin is like the sunset. Ingredients 1 fresh whole chicken (approximately 1.2kg) 2 tbsp miso paste 2 tbsp … Continue reading Fiery Roast Chicken