Baby Jungle Cake for a Lil’ Cookie

What can be more fitting for a baby boy’s first birthday than a cake topped with baby jungle animals? Aren’t they just the cutest?


This was actually my first time decorating a cake using gumpaste and I must say, it took me back to my childhood playdoh days! As requested by the sweet mummah, the cake is to be:

  1. a moist chocolate cake covered with ganache (not fondant),
  2. has on it the name of the birthday boy and the number 1
  3. jungle-themed
  4. coloured blue

With help from some youtube videos, I made a baby elephant, lion and panda for cake toppers! To continue with the jungle theme, the sides of the cake are lined with little trees and mini mushrooms are dotted around the animals on top.

Although by no means perfect, it was a lot of fun to make and I am so delighted to take part in making Ethan’s first birthday a special one!Β Happy Birthday lil’ cookie!



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