Tangy Hummus (with a Secret Ingredient)

Making the most of the sunny weather and clear blue skies of late, my friends decided on a last-minute picnic in the park! I had planned to prepare a simple tomato and feta salad but, sadly, the tomatoes at the supermarket were not particularly fresh. Thinking on my feet I decided on making hummus, served with crunchy corn chips and crudités- perfect fingerfood for relaxing in the afternoon sun!


This hummus is addictively tangy from a rich spoonful of tomato paste and the juice of a fresh lemon. It is also packed with flavour, blending in two heads of caramelized roasted garlic, the nuttiness of roastedsesame seeds, and the warmth of cumin and paprika.

Oh I almost forgot… there is one secret ingredient to making this hummus- can you guess what it is?


White miso paste! It lends a rich, savory background note (you wouldn’t detect it if I didn’t tell you), but it just makes the hummus that much more delicious! Try it out for yourself!


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