Miso, Rosemary & Sesame Tonkatsu


I have been toying-around with the idea of making tonkatsu for the first time- one of the top comfort foods of Japan! What’s not to love about a crunchy panko coating encasing a succulent pork fillet? With a bag of panko lying about in my pantry, I felt it was time to tackle this famed dish in time for dinner.

Of course, I couldn’t help but to add in a few twists of my own to the traditional recipe: the pork is first marinated in a mix of miso paste, mirin, sugar, soy sauce and garlic, and then is coated in panko that is spiked with toasted sesame seeds and finely-chopped rosemary. While the tonkatsu were baking in the oven, all that was left to do was to whip up a simple dipping sauce of lemony -garlic mayonnaise. Image

The miso marinade gave the pork an extra umami and the rosemary provided a soft fragrance to the coating. My favourite part of the dish were the sesame seeds that gave an extra crunch-factor with a delicious nutty flavour!


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